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A Great Evening At The BAG

20 Mar, 2016

Christophe et Jean-christophe with Swamp Train t-shirts

Last Thursday Blaise and myself (Rattlebrained) went down to Geneva to see CW Ayon at the BAG

It was cool to find two of our friends there sporting the ol’ Swamp Train t-shirt (I believe one or two are still available) and the music was great!
CW Ayron is touring France for the next 2 weeks so if you love Hill Country Blues and live somewhere nearby you should really go to one of his gigs!!

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Swamp Train

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New T-Shirts!

10 Dec, 2014

New Swamp Train T-ShirtChristophe et Jean-christophe with Swamp Train t-shirts

Hot off the press: the new Swamp Train t-shirt!

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Swamp Train

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Le T-Shirt Swamp Train

03 Oct, 2011

Avec le logo du groupe, en vente à tous nos concert!
Seulement CHF: 20.-!!
Pour recevoir par la poste envoyez nous un message.

Swamp Train’s t-shirt can be bought at all our concerts!
Only CHF: 20.-!!
Send a message if you would like to order it.

Swamp Train’s T-shirt mit Band-Logo kann an all unseren
Konzerten gekauft werden! Nur CHF: 20.—/Stk.!!
Für die Zustellung per Post schickt uns bitte eine Bestellung.

BTW: You can also find a whole bunch of cool Swamp Train paraphernalia at Rattlebrained Rags !


Swamp Train